“Repetition Compulsion”

Claustrophobic and sick, “Repetition Compulsion”, the second single from the forthcoming album “Unsolved” (out April 22nd 2022), unveils the other perspective of the album.

Death is part of Life. “Non-Life” is the real death and sometimes it becomes a destructive loop it’s hard to escape from.

Analog modular synths and beats take us in a descending path, with unsettling soundscapes and dark pads and arps.

composed, shaped, programmed, arranged, performed and recorded by luca fucci

mixed by giacomo jac salani @ la fucina studio – empoli

Available on Bandcamp and Youtube

“When We Met”

Here it is! “When We Met”: The first single from my forthcoming album: “Unsolved” (out on April, 22 2022).

It’s the very beginning of an Ascent act, starting from a submerged state, where everything comes alive.

You can find it on Bandcamp!