RELASE DATE: September 2019

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“damaged”, the second studio album by Luca Fucci, was released on September 20th: 8 instrumental tracks (actually 9 on the CD version) exploring the faces of a damaged soul through anger and melancholy, hope and disappointment.

This album belongs to the “Hidden Scars” project, the instrumental electronic creation of Luca Fucci, which blends together piano, analog synthesizers and drum machines.

Beside music, “Damaged” expresses itself also through the artwork (mixed media on canvas, metal and wood) the artist created while composing audio tracks. These are documented in the 12 pages booklet coming with the deluxe digisleeve edition of CD. Of course the album will also have a digital release, but it’s really worth to get the physical edition.

“damaged” is available as a CD or digital download via Bandcamp through the page: lucafucci.bandcamp.com and in the best digital stores