RELASE DATE: April 2022

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“Unsolved” is the third studio album from “hidden scars”, the instrumental electronic project by Luca Fucci. It’s a new intimate journey divided into two parts and movement: “ascent” and “descent”, sometimes close each other, sometimes distant. Black and White, Lights and Shadows, Contrasts are the leading actors in “unsolved”. The 12 tracks are part of a staircase where, as in an Escher drawing, the steps that descend become steps that go up, without the listener perceiving the passage.

This album belongs to the “Hidden Scars” project, the instrumental electronic creation of Luca Fucci, which blends together piano, analog synthesizers and drum machines.

“unsolved” is available as a digisleeve CD, Limited Edition USB Box or digital download via Bandcamp through the page: lucafucci.bandcamp.com and in the best digital stores