“Unsolved” is out!

Here it is! My new album “Unsolved” is out on Bandcamp!

It’s my third studio album and i think it’s the most intense of all: 12 instrumental tracks i’m very proud of.

“Unsolved” is available on digisleeve CD, Limited Edition USB Boxes and digital download! Choose you format and enjoy!

Very special thanks to Giacomo Jac Salani for mixing it @ La Fucina Studio

Go to my Bandcamp to buy it please.

“Repetition Compulsion”

Claustrophobic and sick, “Repetition Compulsion”, the second single from the forthcoming album “Unsolved” (out April 22nd 2022), unveils the other perspective of the album.

Death is part of Life. “Non-Life” is the real death and sometimes it becomes a destructive loop it’s hard to escape from.

Analog modular synths and beats take us in a descending path, with unsettling soundscapes and dark pads and arps.

composed, shaped, programmed, arranged, performed and recorded by luca fucci

mixed by giacomo jac salani @ la fucina studio – empoli

Available on Bandcamp and Youtube

“When We Met”

Here it is! “When We Met”: The first single from my forthcoming album: “Unsolved” (out on April, 22 2022).

It’s the very beginning of an Ascent act, starting from a submerged state, where everything comes alive.

You can find it on Bandcamp!


Also positive vibrations during forced lockdown. With Love from me to yOu 🖤

Brand new song “Dreamcatcher” available as a digital download for free on Bandcamp

damaged is out!

Damaged by Luca Fucci

Starting from now “damaged”, my second instrumental studio album, is available on Bandcamp (https://lucafucci.bandcamp.com/album/damaged) both as CD and digital download. If you buy the CD you also get the digital download and unlimited streaming, plus the exclusive 12 pages booklet.
This record needs to exist in the real word: while composing “Damaged” I was also experimenting with mixed media painting on canvas, wood and metal, with some unconventional techniques. Music influenced the painting and vice versa. I shot some of them with my camera and they became the booklet of the CD edition of Damaged.



Da adesso “damaged”, il mio nuovo disco strumentale, è disponibile su Bandcamp (https://lucafucci.bandcamp.com/album/damaged), sia in formato CD che digitale. E’ un disco concepito per esistere fisicamente, nel modo reale. Il consiglio è di ascoltarlo sfogliando il libretto di 12 pagine allegato al CD, che testimoniano la parte visuale del lavoro (tecnica mista su tela, metallo e legno). Tra l’altro acquistando l’edizione fisica ottenete anche il download digitale.